What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Great work SERVPRO!

Great Job!

Keep up great work!

I am pleased with the outstanding job your lady crew did at my property.

Dear SERVPRO Owner,

Thank you! We are delighted with SERVPRO team’s efforts to put our home back in order, making it ready for the rebuilding. Randy, Ken, and then “Team Felix”, relieved our high anxiety, letting us know we were in capable hands.

Hearing the ladies of “Team Felix” laughing while they worked hard at their tasks, made me feel our place, though damaged and long from our return, was once again a home. From our Project Manager Randy, down to each team member, I was treated with enthusiastic respect … I was (the customer) and focus of all their efforts.

Communications was open and free flowing, even as I asked zillion questions. Never a falter in getting good and clear answers. The work was hard, hot, and difficult. But, no one backed away or slacked off, always carrying on in a professional manner. This while making me (your customer) feel I was somehow “special”.

"SERVPRO was excellent during this tragic time"