Recent Before & After Photos

All Stoved Up

Industrial cleaning of kitchen supplies and equipment is one of our specialties. Our proprietary degreasers and cleaners along with our highly trained staff can... READ MORE

Fire Sprinkler

When a fire started in this commercial building the sprinkler system triggered and soaked two floors and multiple rooms. We were called at 10pm and were there e... READ MORE

Left The Stove On A Bit Too Long...

After leaving a pot of boiling water on the stove for a few hours, there is a pretty good chance the pot will melt and catch on fire. Well that is what happened... READ MORE

What's That Smell? We'll Take Care Of It – SERVPRO

After two, yes two bathrooms had leaked simultaneously the home suffered from extensive contaminated water damage. Not a problem. SERVPRO of Galveston Island / ... READ MORE

Our Floors Are Ruined! SERVPRO: "Nope"

After a sewage back up in this remote home location the homeowners were so afraid their real wood floors would be ruined and have to ripped out. They had starte... READ MORE

SERVPRO HELP! I Need My Business Back!

After a toilet overflowed overnight this business walked into a completely flooded office. All the floors were entirety saturated! SERVPRO of Galveston Island /... READ MORE

Grease Fire - Scary Stuff - SERVPRO To The Rescue!

After a grease fire got out of control the resident of this home was thankfully able to put it out using a fire extinguisher. However, the damage had been done.... READ MORE

Burst Pipe In Ceiling - SERVPRO Is There When It Counts!

Imagine coming home to a hole in the ceiling and wet floors! Not fun. That is what this customer experienced. Once the plumber fixed the issue with the pipe SER... READ MORE

3 Story Water Damage

This home on Galveston Island was vacant for a week when a water pipe in the attic busted. A weeks worth of damage ruined the entire interior of the house. SERV... READ MORE

Water Heater Leaks

Water heater busted in the attic causing damage to several rooms in the home. When a water heater malfunctions, breaks, leaks what do they do? They call SERVPRO... READ MORE