Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Garage Mold

Mold can sneak up just about anywhere if the conditions are right. This customer had a slow leaking water heater above his garage and before he knew it, black mold surrounded his entire garage ceiling.

Unsure of Pipe leaks

If you have had any long term moisture problems in your home, it is most likely that they will lead to mold. Moisture and heat are the two main components in mold growth.

Major Mold issues in Lake Jackson, TX

SERVPRO of Galveston Island/ Lake Jackson was called out to an Apartment complex in Lake Jackson, Texas. To help assist on a nightmare of mold growth on a vacant unit of theirs.

Pipe leak underneath sink in Danbury, TX

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson was called out to help assist on a mold issue. The customer noticed mold present after water overflowed from underneath her kitchen sink and immediately called our team.

SERVPRO Customer Experiences Major Mold Loss

This SERVPRO customer called because they suspected there was a mold problem affecting their kitchen and several other rooms in the home. The homeowner's fears were confirmed by the team, but they were able to complete the mold remediation helping the customer get back to life "like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson Mold Job

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson was called to handle this mold problem at a local apartment complex. The team professionally completed the mold remediation job minimizing the potential health hazard faced by the families living in the units.