Community Photo Gallery

Galveston County Food Bank 3

Pictured with Keith Thompson are 2 of many volunteers for the Galveston Food Bank. After a tour of the building we had the ribbon cutting ceremony, nice day had by all.

Galveston County Food Bank 2

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson SMM Keith Thompson participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony with members of HEB and Kroger and numerous banks. It was probably one of the biggest turn outs for a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the Texas City area.

Texas Road Trip: Sinking of the Acadia

Historical marker pictured here which is just off the beach from the Gulf of Texas in Surfside, TX. The sidewheel steamer Acadia, owned by Canadians, set out on her maiden voyage in Dec. 1864 for Nassau, Havana, and Vera Cruz. Loaded with food, hardware, and clothing, she braved the Federal blockade to bring the goods to suffering Texans. Early on February 6, 1865, in heavy fog she grounded in sticky clay 300 yards off this beach. Her crew and cargo came safely ashore. When the fog lifted, the foe sighted and shelled her, but could not board and burn the crippled ship, as Confederate Cavalry defended her from the shore. The Acadia then became a coastal landmark. 

Lunch and Learn May 2018

Keith Thompson our Sales and Marketing Manager led a great lunch and learn for an even better turn out this month for local realtors. It was a great way to meet some local businesses owners and introduce ourselves to the community!