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Hurricane and Other Types of Storm Damage

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson customers are in an area where they could experience the following types of storm related damage: 

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane season is June 1 to November 30th. During this time residents in Houston, TX and surrounding areas are susceptible to hurricane damage. 

Tornado Damage

Local residents do not normally experience tornadoes, but it is possible to have tornado anywhere. The tornadoes experienced locally are usually small and only last for short times. The damage they can do during that time is extensive. 

Flooding Damage

Flooding is always a concern in and around Houston, TX. The city often experiences major flooding events from regular thunderstorms. The city has experienced several major flooding events in the past few years but has not had a major tropical storm or hurricane in many years. 

Hail Damage

Hail damage can occur at any time. Hail is formed by strong rising air currents that carry the rain drops high enough for them to freeze into ice balls before falling as rain. Hail can range in size from the size of a normal rain drop to softball and even larger sized hail. 

Lightning Damage

Lightning can strike a property during a storm causing the structure to catch on fire. When this happens, wiring is often burnt and systems within the home may fail. It is important to call emergency services immediately to put out any fire caused by a lightning strike. 

Ten Tips for Homeowners on the Care of Water-Damaged Family Heirlooms and Other Valuables

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

If the object is still wet, rinse with clear water or a fine hose spray. Clean off dry silt and debris from your belongings with soft brushes or dab with damp cloths. Try not to grind debris into objects; overly energetic cleaning will cause scratching. Dry with a clean, soft cloth. Use plastic or rubber gloves for your own protection.

Air dry objects indoors if possible. Sunlight and heat may dry certain materials too quickly, causing splits, warping, and buckling. If possible, remove contents from wet objects and furniture prior to drying. Storing damp items in sealed plastic bags will cause mold to develop. If objects are to be transported in plastic bags, keep bags open and air circulating.

The best way to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew is to reduce humidity. Increase air flow with fans, open windows, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Moderate light exposure (open shades, leave basement lights on) can also reduce mold and mildew.

Remove heavy deposits of mold growth from walls, baseboards, floors, and other household surfaces with commercially available disinfectants. Avoid the use of disinfectants on historic wallpapers. Follow manufacturers' instructions but avoid splattering or contact with objects and wallpapers as disinfectants may damage objects.

If objects are broken or begin to fall apart, place all broken pieces, bits of veneer, and detached parts in clearly labeled, open containers. Do not attempt to repair objects until completely dry or, in the case of important materials, until you have consulted with a professional conservator.

Documents, books, photographs, and works of art on paper may be extremely fragile when wet; use caution when handling. Free the edges of prints and paper objects in mats and frames, if possible. These should be allowed to air dry. Rinse mud off wet photographs with clear water, but do not touch surfaces. Sodden books and papers should also be air dried or kept in a refrigerator or freezer until they can be treated by a professional conservator.

Textiles, leather, and other "organic" materials will also be severely affected by exposure to water and should be allowed to air dry. Shaped objects, such as garments or baskets, should be supported by gently padding with toweling or uninked, uncoated paper. Renew padding when it becomes saturated with water. Dry clean or launder textiles and carpets as you normally would.

Remove wet paintings from the frame, but not the stretcher. Air dry, face up, away from direct sunlight.

Furniture finishes and painting surfaces may develop a white haze or bloom from contact with water and humidity. These problems do not require immediate attention; consult a professional conservator for treatment.

Rinse metal objects exposed to flood waters, mud, or silt with clear water and dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth. Allow heavy mud deposits on large metal objects, such as sculpture, to dry. Caked mud can be removed later. 

Call SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson Immediately at 409-762-4411

SERVPRO of Galveston Island/Lake Jackson Responds to Storm Disasters Nationwide

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Galveston Island/Lake Jackson responds to storm disasters across the nation when local franchises are unable to meet the need created by emergency disasters. When they receive the call the storm response team is quickly on the scene of any disaster. 

Often the SERVPRO of Galveston Island/Lake Jackson team is on the scene before they are able to get to work, but they are ready as soon as they can to get to work helping the community in need. 

When the SERVPRO of Galveston Island/Lake Jackson team responds to out of state disasters they assist local teams in handling the needs of the community created by storms or other disasters. Helping other communities is part of being a SERVPRO owner and team member. It is an opportunity for SERVPRO of Galveston Island/Lake Jackson to help communities across the nation in their time of need. 

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson Trusted Storm Restoration Leader

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson is a trusted leader in storm restoration services. As a member of the Galveston community SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson has experienced two major storms during which they helped residents of the island rebuild during one of the most difficult times they faced. 

SERVPRO is committed to being faster to any disaster and as a part of the community of residents and businesses that call the island their home SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson that commitment is even greater for the community they serve. 

When you experience a loss call SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson first as they are always ready and the dedicated team of storm restoration professionals will complete the job, "Like it never even happened," allowing you to get back to life and work faster.

SERVPRO of Galveston and Lake Jackson: Hurricane Preparations

7/10/2021 (Permalink)

Hurricane season and storm damage go hand in hand! Hurricane season and storm damage go hand in hand!

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st and will end on November 30th, 2021. SERVPRO of Galveston Island and Lake Jackson wants to makes sure you are prepared this hurricane season. Follow the tips below this hurricane season:

  1. Stock-up on Necessities

Water, canned food, charcoal, necessary medications, toiletries and anything else you may need if you cannot get to the store for several days. 

  1. Make a Disaster Kit

Many stores run out of necessities like water, batteries, and other supplies when a storm is going to make landfall. Buy supplies before a storm is on the way, so you have everything you need. Make a disaster readiness kit and include the items below:

  • Flashlight 
  • Batteries
  • Copies of important documents
  • Cash
  • Fully charged backup cell batteries or a portable charger
  • Battery operated radio
  • Candles
  • Medications
  • First aid kit
  • Water (several cases)
  • Canned food
  • Pet food
  1. Make a Plan

Create a disaster readiness plan with your family. Figure out where you will go if you need to evacuate. Create a list of important phone numbers. Make sure each member of the family is accounted for in the plan and knows what to do. Plan for pets too, as pets are often forgotten in storm preparations and many pets are lost each hurricane season. 

If you experience flooding or storm related damage call the professionals at SERVPRO of Galveston Island and Lake Jackson at 409-762-4411. 

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson Knows Storm Damage

7/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson serves a community that is no stranger to massive storm disasters. Owner's Tom and Kristina Norlander purchased the franchise in 2002. Since they purchased the Galveston Island / Lake Jackson franchise they have served the community through two major hurricanes, hurricane Rita in 2005 and hurricane Ike in 2008. 

During both hurricanes the island was hit hard and the cleanup involved contractors from around the nation to rebuild the island. These tragic storms have prepared SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson for any storm that effects the island. 

Additionally, the team of experienced storm professionals also responds nationwide when needed to respond to storm damage. SERVPROs across the nation spring into action when a disaster occurs to help the communities effected and to restore properties to their preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."